Kødbyens Fiskebar


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Kødbyens Fiskebar

Seafood is the first and natural choice when dining in Copenhagen, and Kødbyens Fiskebar has a lot to offer on that front. Fresh oysters, raw seafood dishes and even the most common Fish and Chips are well worth your attention here.


Copenhagen is the leading gastronomy capital of Scandinavia. The city has more Michelin restaurants than any neighbouring country, 15 in total, and Copenhagen was until recently home to Noma, which was awarded as the World's Best Restaurant three years in a row. Whether you are into bistros or Michelin-starred restaurants, there is plenty for you in Copenhagen. The restaurant scene is among the world's most distinct and innovative, and it caters to all budgets. When dining out, try the much appraised Nordic kitchen at least once. It is known for being of high quality and with a focus on using local and seasonal products.