Freetown Christiania (Christiania)


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Freetown Christiania (Christiania)

Escape the capitalist crunch and head to Freetown Christiania, a hash-scented commune straddling the eastern side of Christianshavn. Since its establishment by squatters in 1971, the area has drawn nonconformists from across the globe, attracted by the concept of collective business, workshops, and communal living. Explore beyond the settlement's infamous 'Pusher Street' – lined with shady hash and marijuana dealers who do not appreciate photographs – and you'll stumble upon a semi-bucolic wonderland of whimsical DIY homes, cosy garden plots, eateries, beer gardens, and music venues.

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Copenhagen is an old city with historic buildings, royal castles, beautiful parks and harbours, and plenty of attractions and activities to keep even the most eager tourist busy. The city centre is characterised by charming architecture and narrow curving streets. But within recent years Copenhagen has supplemented its architectural heritage with new, world-class architecture. It is easy to explore the city and get around, and many sights are within walking distance from one another. You can always catch a bus or take the metro to get around, or rent a bike and travel the Danish way.