Exploration of Antarctica, Chilean Fjords and Patagonia

03/13/2019 through 10/21/2020
03/13/2019 through 11/11/2020

Exploration of Antarctica, Chilean Fjords and Patagonia

This expedition cruise takes you from the beautiful fjords of Chile to the
untouched wilderness of Antarctica. Join us for an authentic experience of the Chilean coast before embarking on the great adventure of exploring the great white continent with our ice-cruising, landing and other exciting activities.

Discover Amazing Patagonia

Starting in colorful Valparaíso, our expedition cruise to Antarctica sails along the Chilean coastline of volcanoes, lakes, rivers and lush vegetation. The untouched beauty of the landscape will stay with you forever. 

Stunning Fjords and Cape Horn

We continue to Torres del Paine, one of the most scenic national parks in the world, and into the fjords of Chile – an area seemingly untouched by humans. The steep valleys and jagged mountains are a striking contrast to green coastal plains. Next, we sail to legendary Cape Horn, a mystical place where two oceans meet. If the weather permits, we will anchor off Cape Horn, where you can leave the ship to explore this deserted, yet romantic landfall.

Exploring the Wonders of Antarctica

Once in Antarctica, we will attempt landings to see penguins, seals, whales and huge flocks of sea birds in beautiful landscapes, while keeping a safe, discreet distance. Our landings and ice-cruising allow for wildlife sightings in remarkable wilderness throughout the journey.

Our expedition team will take every opportunity to offer you the chance to kayak in the icy waters, hike, or experience camping on the world´s most remote continent.  Heading home after this unforgettable voyage, we cross Drake Passage before the expedition ends in Ushuaia. 


Day 1 Valparaíso, Chile - Embarkation
Day 2-3 At sea
Day 4 Castro - Full Day
Day 5 At sea
Day 6 Puerto Edén - Half Day
Day 7-8 Puerto Natales - Overnight Stay - 2 full days
Day 9 Chilean fjords
Day 10-11 At sea
Day 12-16 Antarctica
Day 17-18 Drake Passage
Day 19 Ushuaia/Buenos Aires - Disembarkation

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