Towering temples, colorful tropical birds and raucous seafood markets captivate your senses throughout this remarkable 26-day cruise that meanders along the islands and coastlines of Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. Explore the Kuching fortifications of Sir James Brooke, a former British soldier who crushed pirates and a rebellion to become a Rajah.
Starting at $7399.00+

Enormous and elusive lizards, towering stone temples and cosmopolitan coastal cities await during this unforgettable 25-day adventure throughout countless Indonesian islands and Australia’s east coast. Follow a skilled guide through Komodo National Park’s rugged savannah landscape to catch glimpses of massive Komodo Dragons.
Starting at $6799.00+

Cruise the Rhine from Amsterdam to Basel, experiencing the world's largest flower auction, taking in the majesty of the Swiss Alps and sampling local beer, wine, cheese and chocolate on shore, for an authentic taste of Europe.
Starting at $8995.00+

Cruise the Danube for seven nights, sampling the history and culture of five countries. Visit a centuries-old castle, tour an underground bunker from World War II and attend an electrifying concert for a magical evening in Vienna.
Starting at $7995.00+

Discover Holland and Belgium in flower-filled springtime, exploring amid vibrant blossoms and iconic windmills. Meet fascinating local people along the way, who share the history, cuisine and crafts that make these countries truly unique.
Starting at $5995.00+